Experience Summary


The "Experience Summary" screen can be found by clicking on any Experience name in the first column and "Go to Experience Summary".


This screen is meant to include access to all the different configurations of an experience.


Section: Experiment

The first section that you can see in the Experience Summary screen is called Experiment:


From this section you can edit the Experience Name, add the URL that is loaded in the Visual Editor, add some tags for quicker search and finally add notes about your experiment.


You can also enable/disable integrations with third-party tools we support. The full list of integrations we support is available here.


Section: Objective

The second section is called Objective. By default it picks up the Experiment type and primary goal to fill that in.


You can also add your own objective:


Section: Goals

On the "Goals" section of the "Experience Summary" you can configure the different goals that you want to track. Goals are conversions that you want to track in your experiment.


Once you click the pencil icon next to Goals, you will have access to Experiment Goals window.


More information about the different ways on how to add goals on your experience can be found here.

Section: Site Area under Target Overview

The Site Area is the place within the app where you configure the criteria that you want to use to trigger your experiment.


By default the experiment runs on the URL you used when creating the experiment.  Multi-page, site-wide and other conditions can be added here to trigger an experiment. You can use Include or Exclude conditions.

For more information on what you can do with the Site Area, please read here.

Section: Audiences under Target Overview

In the Audiences section you can configure the group of visitors to which the experience is targeted to.


Convert provides with a powerful fine grain control over the group of visitors that should be put in the experiment.


If you are interested in the wide amount of targeting options available to you, please read here.

Section: Stats & Settings under Target Overview

In the Settings section you can configure . 


  • Confidence level is described here
  • Traffic Distribution is described here
  • Transaction Outliers are described here
  • Automations are described here


Section: Variations under Target Overview

Variations section shows a list of original plus all variations that were created together with a screenshot.


By clicking on the pencil icon you can go to the Visual Editor. By clicking on the screenshot preview you can live preview the variation.

Section: Status

There are multiple statuses an experiment can have that are described here.


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