Tracking multiple conversions with Convert


Convert Experiences goals only tracks the first conversion of a visitor bucketed on an experiment. However, in some instance it might be pertinent to track multiple conversions. 


The only way to track multiple conversions, is using the Convert Experiences goal revenue send code. 

This code would need to be integrated to anything you are tracking, but you need to integrate the code to the event that you want to track. 

So, you cannot track multiple goals with normal URL Goals, Click Goals, Form Submission Goals, Advanced Goals unless you use the code to submit them.

The code submitting multiple conversions would look like the following:

See the Pen Multiple Conversion Tracking by (@gcrewe) on CodePen.


Then in the report you will need to look at the data differently. You will have to look at Revenue in the place of Visitors, and you will have to look at Revenue per Visitor instead of Conversion Rate. You will need to click on the dollar sign icon on top of the Revenue column, to see it.

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