Experiment Report

Understand Test Report Graphs

In Convert Experiments, you can add multiple goals to get better perspective on performance of variations. You get an overview of the tests in the summary of the experiment.

This table shows each variations' performance for each goal. Conversions and visitors are all measured in unique visitors. See screenshot below:


When hovering over the variation row you get the options (icons) to:

  • Live preview the variation in a new window
  • Stop or start a variation
  • Set as baseline
  • Convert this variation to a new personalization
  • Convert this variation to original to a new experiment


Stabilized or Cumulative Graph

To get a clear view on the trends in an experiments we supply each report with a cumulative or stabilized graph. The way to change between the two, is accessible in the Advanced Settings icon (top right of the report).

The cumulative is a graph where visitors and conversions on a particular day has visitors and conversions added for all previous days. The stabilized view gives a sum of the previous days in the graph to get a clear idea what test is winning. See the graph below in this screenshot:

Day-Wise Graph

Convert Experiments provides a day-wise chart in the test reports which shows conversion rate for variations for different days (during the time test is running). The conversion rate can fluctuate for different days based on various factors like weekdays or weekend or low traffic days, this graph is harder to interpret than the stabilized graph. Like the stabilized graph, you will find gray areas that represent the weekends. Take a look at example of a day-wise chart below:

Full Report View

The full report view gives a screenshot of each variation and when hovering over the screenshot the options (where applicable) to:

  • Change the baseline (by default, the Original is the baseline)
  • Re-Take Snapshot
  • View Real Size Snapshot in new window
  • Pause or start a variation
  • Preview the variation
  • Convert Variation to new Personalization 
  • Convert Variation to Original in New Experiment

The full report gives an overview of each variation by goal and look like the screenshot below:


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