Track when a visitor clicks on an element, nth amount of times


There may be times when you want to track the nth time they click on a button, instead of tracking only the first click as the default click goals work in Convert. This might be needed to track overtime use, by tracking the clicks on a button multiple times.


Add a Convert Custom Javascript goal in the app. Name it as you wish and write down its id:

Add a piece of Javascript code in your Project Configuration> Global Javascript section that would look like the following:

if (location.href==''){
if (localStorage && 'saveButtonClickCount' in localStorage) { var count = localStorage.saveButtonClickCount; }
else { var count = 0; }
convert$('#action-save').click(function () {
count += 1;
if (count == 10) {
window._conv_q = window._conv_q || [];
_conv_q.push(["triggerConversion", "100131304"]);
localStorage.saveButtonClickCount = count;
  • Make sure you replace the goal id with your own Custom Javascript goal id.
  • Replace the 10, with the number of times that you would like to count the button clicks.
  • Replace the #action-save selector with your own button selector.

With this, you should be able to track button clicks even in distinct sessions as long as the visitor data is kept on the local storage of the browser. 

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