Applying Changes to Split URL Pages


Split URL created, configured and tested, everything is working as expected: traffic is being evenly distributed, query parameters are being transferred, audiences, goals, all set! We are ready to start this Split URL test, except if you also want to apply styles on the experiment pages...

Since Split URLs tests do not offer the possibility to customize/style pages through the Visual Editor, an option is to set up an "hybrid" experiment: Split URL + Deploy Experiment

Setup your Split URL Experiment

Create your Split URL experiment as usual, detailed instructions can be found here: Set Up Your First Split URL Experiment

Get the Experience and Variations IDs

 Once you have finished configuring the variations of the experience, take note of the Variations IDs, from the Experience summary page, copy the link from the preview of the variation:

The link copied will be similar to this:

v=100368636 -This is the Variation ID: 100368636

e=10036216 - This is the Experience ID: 10036216

Setup a Deploy for your Variation Page

Now it is time to create a deploy for your variation page. Use the visual editor to apply styles and customize the page. 

Setup a Custom Audience for your Deploy

To show the deploy only to visitors  coming from the Split URL Test and the specific variation, we will include a Custom Audience:

Visitor cookie: (replace with the Experience and Variation ID previously noted)

_conv_v contains xxxxxxxxx.{v.yyyyyyyy

This is it! You have successfully applied styles to a Split URL Experiment Page!

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