How to test an exit popup

It may be possible that you will be considering AB testing an Exit-Intent Popup. How do we AB Test one on Convert, or any similar widget or component that is implemented in javascript in our page? 

Convert is very good at adding javascript components, like exit popups into specific variations, therefore it is the ideal tool to add functionality to your experiment variations via javascript or HTML. In this article, we will show you how to this.

We decided to choose an open-source Exit-Intent Popup that is freely available for anyone use. We do not endorse, guarantee, or recommend the linked software. We only show it for demonstration purposes.

Firstly, we create a Convert AB Experiment. Then, while in the Visual Editor, we open our Variation JS editor:


Then copy the minified Exit Intent Pop Up minified javascript code in the editor. After that add the template code. Then apply the changes and save it.

You can have a preview of your variation with the Live Preview.

Your page where you created will show. Try to navigate out of it, and your popup will show:

You can customize the code to your desire. 

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