Demandbase Integration


Demandbase is a data aggregator for companies to personalize websites and email campaigns based on this data.

Convert can use the data provided for testing to chosen segments.

Install the Demandbase tracking code

This should be installed on the webpages which you want to personalize before the Convert tracking code.

Build the audience you want to target from Demandbase data

For that you can reference the following page to see what data is available to you:

Firmographic Attributes Overview

You can also type the following in the console of a webpage where you have installed Demandbase to see what is available to you:


For example, you can have the visitor company information if you type:

Demandbase.Segments.CompanyPro file

From this you can start creating conditions to create segments.

For example: You can create a condition like the following to target companies with a small amount of employees:

Demandbase.Segments.CompanyPro file.employee_range == "Small"

Configure your experience to use the condition you have created

Create your experience and create your changes, if you have not done so.

Edit your audience settings and select "Create Audience" to add your condition. The condition should be added as a JS Condition in the audience settings and its code should look like the following:

See the Pen Demandbase Integration JS Condition by (@gcrewe) on CodePen.


The code should be configured in the following way in the 'Create Audience' section of the Audience settings:


Run a QA in your experience

You can always paste the condition in the browser console to see if it returns true and your experience is running when it should.

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