Integrate Convert Experiences with Exponea

Convert-Exponea Integration

Convert can integrate with the Exponea so, that an experience created on Convert Experiences can be targeted to Web visitors that are targeted by an Exponea campaign. 

This will allow you to use all the power of creating experiences through Convert visual / developer editors, and also be able to AB test visitors, while utilizing the profile system of Exponea.

All results of the experiment will be shown on the Convert experiment report for your analysis.

Add Tracking Code snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code is installed before the Exponea tracking code on your page. That will allow us to call the Convert library within the Exponea flow.

Create an Experience in Convert

To do this, you can create an experience with Convert in the normal way.

Setup your goals for the experience.

Once you are done with the creation of your experience within Convert, replace your Site Area conditions with a JS Condition with the following code.

(window.runExperiment == 1) 

Also, remove any audience conditions, unless you want to segment further the audience from the Exponea configured Campaign segment. And you can start your experience now.

Then find out the experience id and write it down.

Create a Campaign and Web Layer with Exponea

Create a Campaign and Web layer with Exponea and edit the HTML and insert the following code:

window.runExperiment = 1;
window._conv_q = window._conv_q || [];

{{experiment_id_here}} with the one you wrote down.

Also make sure the page targeting is the right one, on your Campaign configuration.

See Convert data in Exponea

Test your campaign, and the experience should show and a visit recorded on the Convert experiment report.

You can launch your campaign after you verify it works correctly.

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