Google AMP and Convert Experiences

Convert Experiences does not work currently with Google AMP due to the following reasons:

  1. Google AMP requires that there are no external libraries called, beside the ones belonging to it. So, adhering to AMP rules, it is not possible to add the Convert tracking code to its pages. It is not possible for Convert to deploy Visual Editor changes, insert JavaScript or CSS code, or do any goal tracking because of the missing tracking script. Therefore, Convert cannot deploy experiments or personalizations with the current AMP functionality and rules.

  2. The Convert experiment results collection engine can not take results provided by AMP via its libraries and REST calls, because Convert does not adhere to the rigid data collection endpoints format AMP follows.

  3. However, Convert could be used server side to produce the AMP compatible files that it requires. Please look at the Convert Server Side documentation, to see a general description on how to achieve this.
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