Weather Targeting Based on Current Local Conditions


Weather affects everyone daily. It influences countless decisions we make, from what we wear to what we eat to our entertainment choices. The weather is a key driver of consumer behavior, greatly influencing what we buy, when we buy, and where we buy it.

In marketing, it is becoming more common to leverage the weather to create strong messages that resonate with your target market. Weather allows marketers to connect with consumers on a highly local level, targeting them with a relevant message at the right time.

In short, weather targeting is the practice of tailoring influential messages to visitors based on local temperatures or weather conditions, and is accomplished by integrating a real-time weather forecast data stream (in our case Apixu) into your existing a/b testing platform, Convert Experiences.

How Weather Data can be used

  1. Ad Targeting: Use weather data as targeting signals in your ad logic (e.g. show one ad variation if raining, show a different one if conditions are clear).
  2. Ad Content: Use weather data as content within the ads (e.g. show current conditions / temperature values).

  3. Both Ad Targeting & Content: Combine both weather targeting and content for a powerful user experience.

Audiences with Weather Targeting

Go to Audiences and drag and drop the Weather condition from the left list to the right area:


The list is populated from here.

Weather Targeting & Geolocation

The weather conditions should be combined with the customers geolocation to make sense: 20°C in the north of Italy could encourage users to purchase new T-shirts, but the same temperature in the southern part of Italy could lead them to buy a light sweater or a longsleeve. So when planning weather-related campaigns on your site, considering the geolocation of a visitor is rather important.  

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