Integrate Convert Experiences with Ontraport

Convert-Ontraport Integration

Ontraport is a business automation software for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses that incorporates tools like CRM, marketing automation, ECommerce and reporting.

This article will walk you through how to push custom Convert data to Ontraport.

For each experiment, the integration will pass along the experiment name and variation name that the visitor is currently bucketed into (if any).

Add Tracking Code Snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code and the Ontraport tracking code are installed on your page. Ontraport tracking code can be found under Administration > Developer Preferences and Resources > Get Tracking Code:

The default tracking code looks like:

  type='text/javascript' async='true' 

Note that the 999999 is used to represent your account number and XXXXXXX is your account's subdomain. Make sure you use the real values you find in Administration > Get Tracking Code

Activate Integration Manually

You should add this extra code to your website to track custom data:

var refObject = window['convert']['data']['experiments']
for (var key in window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"]) {
if (!window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"].hasOwnProperty(key)) {
var currentExperiment = window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"][key];
var curExperimentName = refObject[key] && refObject[key].n ? refObject[key].n : "unknown experiment name";
curExperimentName = curExperimentName.replace("Test #", "Test ");
var curVariant = currentExperiment['variation_name'] ? currentExperiment['variation_name'] : "unknown variant";
curVariant = curVariant.replace("Var #", "Variation ");

    /* ONTRAPORT tracking */
    window.mrtracking && window.mrtracking();

    window.ONTRAPORT || ( window.ONTRAPORT = {} );	
   ONTRAPORT.track( 'Variation Name', 'curVariant' );

View Convert Data in Ontraport

You will be able to view all of your Convert Experiences data as they associate to the values that you pass in these properties.

Once logged in, go to Dashboard and search for the custom event you created.


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