Integrate Convert Experiences with Integration is a behavioral email platform that harnesses user activity and profile data to send targeted campaigns at scale. This article will walk you through how to push custom data to

For each experiment, the integration will pass along the experiment name and variation name that the visitor is currently bucketed into (if any).

Add Tracking Code Snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code and the javascript code are installed on your page. tracking code looks like this:

Activate Integration Manually

Now, you should add this extra code to your website and use identify function to send customer data. Be sure to modify it with the attributes that you would like to send:

	var refObject = window['convert']['data']['experiments']
			for (var key in window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"]) {
				if (!window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"].hasOwnProperty(key)) {
		var currentExperiment = window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"][key];
		var curExperimentName = refObject[key] && refObject[key].n ? refObject[key].n : "unknown experiment name";
		curExperimentName = curExperimentName.replace("Test #", "Test ");
		var curVariant = currentExperiment['variation_name'] ? currentExperiment['variation_name'] : "unknown variant";
		curVariant = curVariant.replace("Var #", "Variation ");
     // Required attributes
     id: 'user_287',           // Unique id for the currently signed in user in your application.

     // Strongly recommended attributes
     email: '', // Email of the currently signed in user.
     created_at: 1339438758,   // Timestamp in your system that represents when
                               // the user first signed up. You'll want to send it
                               // as seconds since the epoch.

     // Example attributes (you can name attributes what you wish)
     Exp_Name: curExperimentName,       
     Var_Name: curVariant     

View Convert Data in

You will be able to view all of your Convert Experiences data. Once logged in, go to People and search for the custom table attributes you created:

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