Respect Browser Do Not Track Setting


Jonathan Mayer and Arvind Narayanan are the two principal researchers at Stanford University who have been working on the Do Not Track (DNT) technology that uses information in the HTTP header to universally opt out of all online tracking.

Convert supports DNT

Convert supports Do Not Track because we think it’s really important that you have a simple way to control how end-user information gets used. We honor DNT as a signal for how you and your end-users want us to use data.

The technical implementation on how Convert Experiences will support this field can be explained with DNT’s three possible values:

  1. Do Not Track (Opt out of tracking)
  2. Track (Opt into tracking)
  3. Null – No preference

By default, web browsers use the null value (no preference), indicating that the end-user hasn’t expressed a desire of whether they want to be tracked or not. From February 23rd 2018, Convert Experiences will not load the scripts/experiments when option one, the Do Not Track (Opt out of tracking) in the browser is set and will load with the other two options.

Enable Do Not Track in Convert Experiences

In your Project Configuration you can find one row which says: "Respect Do Not Track Browser Settings". It is OFF by default.

In case you want to change it, select from the dropdown the value that is covering your needs:



Enable Do Not Track in Browsers 

In case you do not know how to enable the Do Not Track setting in your browser, below we present some steps:

  • Google Chrome: Head into the Settings page and click "Advanced Settings". Scroll down to the Privacy and Security section and select "Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic".
  • Mozilla Firefox: Select Preferences > Privacy and check the box marked, "Always apply Do Not Track."
  • Internet Explorer: Click the Tools button and then Internet Options > Advanced. Select "Always send Do Not Track Header".
  • Safari: Head into Preferences > Privacy and check the box marked "Ask website not to track me."
  • Opera: Click Preferences > Advanced > Security and select "Ask websites not to track me."
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