What's new - March 2024

This article provides information on the latest releases in Convert for March 2024.

Beta tracking Script:

Convert has released a new tracking script in Beta which improves speed by 35%. You can find the Beta script under Projects > Configuration > Tracking code. Example:


Inject Tracking Code Option in Convert Chrome Extension v. 1.6.0: 

We added the inject tracking code panel here which allows you to inject the convert tracking code to any website that you like.


New Time Display:

Time formatting is now clearer in the app and the below image captures the new changes.


Mobile responsive overview page:

If you are on the road and quickly need to start or stop an experiment or project, we have now made the overview pages mobile-friendly for those urgent cases with the key actions we expect you’ll need as big as possible.


Clone audience:

You can now clone an audience by clicking on the 3 dots next to the audience name and clicking Clone audience:


Days running summary:

You can now see the number of days an experiment has run under the experiences tab.


Sorting by Stopped Date: 

You can now sort the list of experiences by Stopped date.


Locations URL checker:

You can now check the url you have added to the Location.


Editing Experience Name:

Convert now provides an easier and clearer way to edit the experience name.

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