Hotjar Integration


This guide will tell you how to enable Hotjar recordings of your different experiences. If you are interested in enabling Hotjar heatmaps or polls please read the following Guide.

For more use cases regarding this integration, you can read our Hotjar blog article.

Enable Integration

To integrate with Hotjar's recordings tool, you just need to enable the Hotjar integration in your Experience Summary screen: 


Turn Data Anonymization OFF

According to Hotjar documentation:

Hotjar will always suppress numbers 9 digits or longer regardless of settings. This prevents Hotjar from capturing information such as credit card numbers or telephone numbers. This also includes characters such as hyphens or colons separating numbers.

So when we send the Convert experiment tags with 9 digits or more we get this warning while debugging.

A workaround could be to turn Data Anonymization off in your Project Configuration so instead of experience/variation IDs you send experience/variation names and thus not suppressed.


Tags - Events in Hotjar

We are using the tags (that are grouped with Events) to send data to your Hotjar account.

See Convert tags in Hotjar Recordings

After the integration is enabled, every recording in your Hotjar account will be tagged like: "Convert: AAA - BBB" where:

  • AAA - the name of the experiment limited to the first 20 characters or the Experiment's ID as found in your Convert account, depending whether you have data anonymization enabled or not;
  • BBB - the name of the variation limited to the first 20 characters or the Variation's ID as found in your Convert account, depending whether you have data anonymization enabled or not;

Inside your Hotjar account, you can filter the recordings based on a certain Experiment - Variation pair in order to analyze visitors' behavior while seeing the respective variation.

You should find the Convert tags under Event.



You can enable Convert Chrome Debugger and see if this integration is enabled. A new line will be added like this:


You can also use the Hotjar debug mode by visiting your site and appending this query parameter: view=v2&hjDebug=1 and see what you get in console.



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