Why is Click on a Button or Link Goal not Working Correctly?

Goal Problems

There can be two scenarios for click on a link goal that is not working correctly.

  1. It doesn’t work at all and records zero/no conversions.
  2. It records less than expected conversions.

Does not work at all 

  • Please check that you have Convert code on the page on which the link is present and test is running on that page.
  • Please check that the goal URL or the jQuery selector is correct and in case it is a URL, it is exactly equal to the href attribute of the anchor tag
  • Check that the area you are interested in tracking is tracking on the part of the site you wanted to (for example Sidewide).

Less than expected clicks are recorded

  • In click on a link goals there is a common problem, as soon as someone clicks on a link, the page gets redirected even before the conversion request can be completed, this happens in some browsers and causes the link/form/click tracking to be accurate up to 85%. In such cases the only solution would be to use a URL or Javascript goal.
  • In Convert, all goals are unique goals and the same unique user can not trigger the same goal again and again. In case you wish to execute dummy conversions on your side, do not forget to clear your cookies each time.
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