SDL Tridion A/B Testing / Multivariate Testing Integration

Integrate SDL Tridion

You like the ability of multivariate testing on your landing pages using SDL (Tridion) and Convert Experiments? 

This is possible, read more below...

Convert Experiments Project Code

In Convert Experiments you need to take the project code from Project Settings as you see in the image below. This code is a small Javascript that you need to paste in the SDL Template.


Copy the code from the Basic Code screen as shown below:

Paste the Project Code in SDL (Tridion)

To have access to you published landing pages you need to paste the Convert Experiments code inside the template page in the head of the scripts area.  

Multivariate Testing on SDL Tridion Sites.

  1. Add the domain of your SDL (for example: to your Project Settings in Convert Experiments.
  2. Load any SDL page inside Convert Experiments Visual Editor and start an A/B or MVT (multivariate test)
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