Integrate Convert Experiences with Mixpanel

Convert-Mixpanel Integration

Integrating Convert Experiences with Mixpanel will let you view the reports inside Mixpanel filtered by a certain Experiment - Variation pair allowing to see how specific variation performs for different of your metrics set up inside Mixpanel.

Add Tracking Code Snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code is installed on your page.

Then, create a Mixpanel account. On every page that you want to install Mixpanel, paste the code snippet. 

mceclip1.pngEnable the built-in integration

After setting up the experiment variations go to Experiment Summary by editing the experiment. In there, inside the Settings area, you will see if the integration is enabled or not.


View Convert data in Mixpanel Live View

After experiment is running and Mixpanel integration is activated, you will start seeing in your Mixpanel Live View, for every visitor that participated in an experiment, a new property named like "Convert - [Experiment name here]" and which has as value the variation name presented to that visitor. 


Add Convert Experiments to a Mixpanel Implementation

Once you have the two tracking codes in your website, you could also add this extra code to track custom experiment events (one for experiment name and one for variation name of the Convert experiments you are running). 

    var refObject = window['convert']['data']['experiments']
	for (var key in window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"]) {
		if (!window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"].hasOwnProperty(key)) {
	var currentExperiment = window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"][key];
	var curExperimentName = refObject[key] && refObject[key].n ? refObject[key].n : "unknown experiment name";
	curExperimentName = curExperimentName.replace("Test #", "Test ");
	var curVariant = currentExperiment['variation_name'] ? currentExperiment['variation_name'] : "unknown variant";
	curVariant = curVariant.replace("Var #", "Variation ");
	mixpanel.track('Convert_Experiences', {'Experiment name': curExperimentName, 'Variant name': curVariant})

View Convert data in Mixpanel Experiments

Once you add the manual code from above you will be able to see your Convert data to the Mixpanel Experiments: 


We hope you enjoy the new Mixpanel integration! 

Note: when you turn on data anonymization, the names of variations and experiments will be replaced by their IDs.

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