Convert Experiences on Yahoo Stores Legacy

Integrate Yahoo Stores

We are assisting a client to add Convert Experiences to the Yahoo Stores and they have the Legacy version. We got to the point where we added the JavaScript to all pages except the cart and the checkout. We are still working on getting it installed there. But here is what we got so far.

Step 1 - Store Editor

On you dashboard of Yahoo Store Legacy there is a link to the Store Editor (see image below) click this and you will be going to edit Variables.

Step 2 - Edit Variables

When  clicking on Store Editor you will see the template of your store (the design). Scrolling to the bottom will show an menu with one of the buttons “Variables” that’s the one you need to click to add the Convert Experiences code (also see image below).

Step 3 – Edit Head-tags

You see a page with many options and scroll down to Page Properties and you will find the option of Head-tags there (see image below). On that location you paste the Convert Experiences code you can find in your Settings

Publish your changes and refresh Convert Experiences will find the code when you click on the refresh icon.

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