Targeting with Advanced Page Tagging

Use Advanced Page Tagging

In Convert Experiments we have advanced ways of targeting visitors for your tests using onsite "Page Tags" also called custom tag targeting.  

The advanced page tag options are found on different sections to be utilized in the experiments. These are found on the Locations and on the Audience area, under the advanced Page Tag options.

You will find these tags extremely useful on sites where you want to run a test on a group of pages (e.g. Product pages) but the URLs of the product pages do not follow a consistent pattern that can be used to identify them.

Locations Custom Tags

Here are all the targeting options related to the page content:

  • _conv_page_type - You can place inside this tag a string of up to 50 characters that identify your page type; for example you could say "product" or "contact form";
  • _conv_category_id - if you have categories on your website, you can place here the category ID and use that in the targeting options; This is again a string of maximum 50 characters;
  • _conv_category_name - same as category ID only that this one is used for category name;
  • _conv_product_sku - this is useful for ecommerce websites where you have products and you want to target certain SKU's. Place here the product SKU , maximum 50 characters;
  • _conv_product_name - same as product SKU but used for product names;
  • _conv_product_price - this is a numeric tag  that you can use to pass by the product price. You then can target based on certain price ranges by saying for example  Product Price grater than 300 and Product Price less than 500.

There will be listed there without the _conv_ and undescores.

Audience Custom Tags

Here you will find the advance page tagging option related to the visitor, which would be:

  • _conv_customer_id - this is again a text of maximum 50 characters that you can use to tag your customers. Like that you can test only the visitors that are not customers yet;
  • The next 4 variables are used for custom tagging.
    • _conv_custom_v1
      Text of maximum 50 characters that you can use for custom tags (free fields).
    • _conv_custom_v2
      Text of maximum 50 characters that you can use for custom tags (free fields).
    • _conv_custom_v3
      Maximum 50 characters numbers that you can use for custom tags (free fields).
    • _conv_custom_v4
      Maximum 50 characters numbers that you can use for custom tags (free fields).

Order of Custom Tags in Code

Any of the above tags have to be defined on page, before the main Convert Experiments code. They need to be defined as standard JavaScript variables; see example below:

<script type='text/javascript'>
     var _conv_page_type = 'product';
     var _conv_category_name = 'shoes;leather shoes';
     var _conv_product_price = '150.5';
<!----Convert Experiments code follows---->

GDPR Warning Message

Please, do NOT store personal data in these custom tags. Custom Tags have the potential to contain details of website or visitors and this could be interpreted by Privacy Authorities in Europe as identification of data subjects. For that reason, we added a GDPR warning message to the Saved Audiences page and to the Experience Summary page where the audience with the custom tags is added.

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