How is a Website Affected by Convert Experiences?

Understand How Javascript is Used to Achieve Results with Convert

Convert Experiences works by adding a few lines of Javascript code in the head tag of the pages of your website.

The code added to the website will only load a Javascript file which is hosted on the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN). When this file is loaded, the tracking sequence is initiated which causes a new <script> tag to be created and inserted into the header.

The "src" attribute of the inserted tag will call Convert Experiences tracking servers, send data and receive back the test data (if there is a test running on the respective page).

The way the new script is inserted into the tree structure, DOM, is asynchronous, thus avoiding the negative impact on the website in the very unlikely event that Convert Experiences tracking servers going down:

var s= document.createElement('script');
s.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
s.setAttribute("src", “....”);

By adding Convert Experiences code to your website, the performance won’t be affected. In a worst-case scenario in which Convert tracking servers go down or perform slowly, the tracking won’t work anymore and the test would not run, but your website would perform as usual.

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