Wufoo Forms Integration with Convert Experiences


Wufoo is an advanced form builder service that enables you to create and embed custom forms on your website with little or no technical experience.

This article will walk you through how to send Convert Experiences Experience and Variation data along with visitor submissions through Wufoo forms.

Create your Form in Wufoo

Create a new form in Wufoo under Forms. Create the field(s) you want to use to send the Convert Experiences data, and set it as hidden by adding the word "hide" in "Add CSS layout Keywords". This could be project, experiment, variation or goal data.

Setting these fields hidden, allows you to pass data through the form submission, without the visitor seeing or being confused by it.

Got to "Share form" and inside the "Embed with Javascript", add a pre-defined value as described here. You can use the code below for Variation ID to be filled as predefined data in your hidden field 3: 


Embed the Form in your Website

Then go to Share options in Wufoo. This integration only works with the "Embed Form" option. 

Copy and paste that code into the page on your website where you want the form to show. It will look like this:

Submit the Form

Submit the form to test it out:

View Convert data in Wufoo

After submitting your form, go to your entries in Wufoo (see 2 rows, one submitted through the Original and one submitted through Variation of the experiment):


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