How do I setup a new A/B experiment?

Step 1: Select A/B Experiment

Making an A/B Experiment in Convert Experiments, is making a variation of an existing page that is on your website and altering it in our system. The technology behind this, is called jQuery and it is a form of JavaScript. You make the variation, we host it and serve it without you touching the original page.


  • Enter the URL of the webpage you want to change
  • Give the Experiment a name
  • Select -> A/B Experiment (we host the page)

Step 2: Make the variation

The URL of the page you wanted to use will be loaded. Then the first variation is ready to be edited. You can click on any orange highlighted area to change content. You can add new variations with the green plus sign to the right of the variation names.

For example below you:

  • Click an element you like to change (elements are highlighted with orange borders)
  • Select an action in the menu, like changing an image source

The you can then change the source by Upload and the Save Changes


The new image will then be uploaded and changed in the new variation.

Step 3: Name the variation

Name the variation so that you remember it later on. All the reports will have this variation name.

  • Select Variation Name
  • Select Edit icon next to the name
  • Rename the variation


Step 4: Define the Audience and Goals

Go to the next step by clicking Continue (top right) and then in Experiment Summary you can change the Audience and Goals of the experiments.

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