How to Setup a Site Wide or Multiple Page Test?

Site Wide Tests

To make your test a site-wide or a test for a large subset of pages you have to change the Locations of that experiment in Experiment Summary. You can do that during the wizard setup or after while editing the test.

  • Select the locations
  • Remove all previous rules that were tracked and add a rule that applies to your test.
Some example what you could do:
  • Target all product pages that have product.php in the URL by "Page URL" contains "product.php"
  • Target the entire site by just placing "Page URL" starts "" (note needs an additional rule)
If the test is setup in a very specific way, for example, a add to cart button and you have only that button class on your product pages you can just apply the test to the entire site and the application will only replace the buttons on the location where they are found.
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    Chris Wyatt

    Good. But, if the site doesn't have /products.php as a prefix in the URL structure, what's the best way to set it up?