3DCart A/B Testing Integration

Integrate 3D Cart

NOTE: This integration allows only testing on the homepage of 3D Cart. Please contact jimmy@3dcart.com to lift this limitation.


You like the ability of A/B and multivariate testing on your 3Dcart with Convert Experiments? 

This is possible, read more below...

Convert Experiments Project Code

In Convert Experiments you need to take the advanced Convert tracking code from Project Settings as you see in the image below. 


Add the Convert Experiment Code to 3D Cart

To have an integration between the two platforms please go to MARKETING > SEO TOOLS > GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS VERIFICATION.

Paste in that area the code, and fill in some lines

<!-- begin 3DCart Convert Experiments code-->
<script type="text/javascript">
var _conv_page_type = "";
var _conv_category_id = "[CATID]";
var _conv_category_name = "[CATEGORY]";
var _conv_product_sku = "[catalogid]";
var _conv_product_name = "[name]";
var _conv_product_price = " [ITEMSALEPRICE]";
var _conv_customer_id = "[username]";
var _conv_custom_v1 = "[manufacturer]";
var _conv_custom_v2 = "";
var _conv_custom_v3 = "[ITEMSINCART]";
var _conv_custom_v4 = ""; 

<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn-3.convertexperiments.com/js/10021617-1002839.js"></script>
<!-- end 3DCart Convert Experiments code -->

Don't forget to save your changes in 3DCart.

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