Project Settings

Understand Project Settings

To manage your project there are five options we have added to the project settings.

  • General Settings
    The project name as well as the time-zone can be edited here. The project ID or project code you can be found here as well. This can be used for some integrations. The time settings can be used in advanced audiences on timezone of the project or user and Data Anonymization (optional - will replace the names of variations and experiments with their IDs in third party software and in the online JavaScript).

  • Integrations
    Beside Plugins, Convert Experiments has out of the box integrations with Google Analytics (custom variables and revenue tracking) and KISSmetrics. These one-click integrations can be managed in this area.

  • Active Domains
    The domains you would like to use inside the project. Make sure you always add new domains here when you add JavaScript to any site. Not adding the domain will not trigger recordings of visitors and prevent experiments from working.

    We now support wildcards in your "Active Domains" settings. For example, if you want to include all subdomains under "", you should set up the "Active Domain" entry like this: "http://*".

  • Blocked IPs
    Add one or a full range of IPs you would like to block in the project. Blocking IPs prevents counting stats (visitors and conversions) but allows users to see experiments or previews. If you would like to exclude yourself or your team from also seeing the experiments, you would need to opt-out of Convert Experiments:
    You can also block IPs on your whole account. Please read more information at this article.

  • Project Code (JavaScript)
    Get the code you need to paste on your site for the software and experiment to work.

  • Delete Project
    Deleting the project will delete all the experiments, goals, statistics and makes it impossible to reconnect future visitors to historical behaviour.


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