Prevent Extra Charges from Exceeding Quota

Understand Extra Charges

Most Convert Insights plans come with unlimited testing.  This means that after the included visitors quota is reached, the test can continue running but we will charge for extra visitors per your billing plan details.  Extra visitors are charged at $199 USD per 100K.

You can opt out of over quota charges and have your account paused when the included tested visitors are all used. This setting can be activated from Account Settings/ Name & Billing / Subscription Settings. If you want to continue testing but don't want over quota charges or a paused account, we recommend that you upgrade your plan. We don't automatically upgrade plans without your request.


Note: Even with this setting on, if you test on extremely high traffic sites, it's still possible to get over quota charges. Due to its distributed nature, it takes time to propagate changes through the infrastructure and therefore, projects will be stopped slightly after the quota was reached (up to one hour)

Winning Variations, Deployments and Over Quota

Note that when you have a winning variation in an Experiment that continues running, visitors to the winning variation will continue to contribute to your quota.  In this case, we recommend converting the Winning Variation to a Deploy, which has no limits on visitors.

Read more about Winning Variations under Automations.

Read more about Deployments.


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