Site Area


Site Area conditions include the pages on which the experiment will run. These conditions are tested every time a user visits your page. Conditions on the Site Area are joined in an OR manner.

To update the page that you will be editing on the Visual Editor you need to update the Visual Editor URL located in the Experiment section of the Experience Summary.

Include/Exclude Sections

By default an experiment runs on the page you made it on, but multi-page, site-wide or special locations are possible. You have two options in site area:

  1. Include an area of the site

  2. Exclude an area of the site

Page Options

Then you can use one of the various options to include or exclude pages of your site:

  • By Page URL

  • By Query Sting

  • By Tagged pages (not available at all plan levels)

  • By JS Condition (e.g. ((window.location.href=="") && (user_logged_in == 0))

  • By Page URL (with Query String)


You can use one of the available operators:

Match Validator

To check your Site Area targeting conditions and ensure that your experiment will run on the expected pages, use the check sign, which can be found on the right side of the Site Area screen. This will tell you whether the sample URLs you enter match the Site Area conditions. A match means the experiment will run. A non-match means the experiment won't run.

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