Integrate Convert Experiences with Adobe Analytics

Convert-Adobe Analytics Integration

Integration of Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) with Convert Experiences will help you to import Convert data into your Adobe Analytics account.

For each experiment, the integration uses a unique Custom Conversion Variable (eVar) to pass along the experiment name and variation name that the visitor is currently bucketed into (if any).

Create a Custom Conversion Variable (eVar) in Adobe Analytics

Sign in to your Adobe Analytics account and create a Custom Conversion variable (eVar) as your optimization tracking variable. eVars are persistent variables that are tied to events.

  1. Go to Admin Tools in your Adobe Analytics account.
  2. Select the desired Report Suite to be used with the integration.
  3. Under Edit Settings, go to Conversion and select Conversion Variables in the drop down.
  4. Add a new Conversion Variable (eVar) and ensure you use the following settings:
    1. Expiration = Visit
    2. Allocation = Most Recent
    3. Type = Text String
    4. Status: Basic Subrelations

* Allocation is used to determine which eVar value should be associated with a given visitor. If the visitor happens to trigger multiple events, you might want to attribute this to the last value they were assigned so that the revenue and participation metrics are attributed to this last value. More information on this is available here

Add Tracking Code Snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code and the Adobe Analytics s_code.js (or AppMeasurement.js which is a new library that provides the same core functionality of s_code.js, but is lighter and faster for use on both mobile and desktop sites) are installed on your page.

Activate Integration in Convert

Go to your Convert experience settings and under Integrations select the Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst). Assign the Conversion Variable slot number to match the slot number created in Adobe. Then click Save and Continue:



This is the code for sync method:


  //Adobe Analytics Integration
convert.$(document).ready(function() { 
  try {
      window._conv_q = window._conv_q || [];
    window._conv_q.push(["integration_setting", "sitecatalyst", "s_var", window.s_om]);
  } catch(e) {}


Use this custom code in global project JS area in case you want the code to work in an async method:

  //Adobe Analytics Integration
convert.$(document).ready(function() { 
  try {
      window._conv_q = window._conv_q || [];
    window._conv_q.push(["integration_setting", "sitecatalyst", "s_var", function() { return window.s_om; }]);
  } catch(e) {}


View Convert Data in Adobe Analytics

Using a Custom Conversion report in Adobe Analytics, you will be able to view all of your Convert Experiences data as they associate to the values that you pass in the Custom Conversion variable.

When you log in to your Adobe Analytics account, you should search for the Reports & Analytics dashboard. To get to the Convert Custom Variable, click Custom Conversion > Custom Conversion XX-XX > Convert Test xx.


Here are some tools to help debug an Adobe Analytics integration:

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