Create Custom Segments

Nowadays you can create Segments with Convert Experiences.

What are Segments within Convert Experiences?

Segments are persistant group of visitors that are tagged- 

A segment basically allows a visitor to qualify for an experience on subsequent visits even if they do not meet the audience conditions. That is why we call segments persistent. This means that if a visitor qualifies for such an audience in the first visit, he/she will continue to qualify for that audience every time she visits the page. If she visited multiple times, sometimes meeting the conditions and sometimes not, she will keep seeing the experiment.

How do I create a Segment?

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To create a segment, go to the Experience Summary, and create the new Audience, then before saving it, you will have an option to select it as a Segment.

Segments are evaluated at the project level, so any visitor that reaches a page with the project tracking code and matches the Audience conditions designated as a Segment will be added to it.

Depending on your plan, you may only store a limited number of segments at one time.  You can delete a segment and create a new one if needed.

At the moment, it is not possible to remove a visitor from a Segment once added. 

The number of segments available in an account is limited based on the number included in the account's plan.

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