Pricing FAQ

What Are Tested Visitors?

As it already says it is the number of visitors participating in tests. This is different from your website total unique site visitors. For example, if your total monthly traffic is 300,000 unique visitors and you run a test on all category pages of the ecommerce site which gets 300,000 unique visitors per month the tested visitors for 1 month is also 300,000 tested visitors. If you, for example, run an additional test for two weeks on all the product pages with 600,000 visitors in that period the total tested visitors now is 900,000.

What Are Personalizations?

Personalizations are visualizations that change for a specific Audience on a specific page or set of pages to match the content to the persuasion flow or user flow. On Personalization we cap the amount of experiences running at the same time but never the traffic you run through them so if you'd like to keep the winning version of the Homepage running from an A/B testing make it a Personalization, or offer people in Mexico with a browser in Spanish a small Spanish text allowing them to self-redirect to the Spanish version of your site. Many things are possible and the traffic is literally unlimited.

Can I Send My 80 Million Pageview Site To Your Platform?

We understand that we have your site in our hands and you want to make sure that nothing negative happens to it. We have one line of code that you need to install at the top of every page. This installation will cause virtually no delay on your site. In addition, we use Akamai’s powerful content distribution network (CDN) to deliver your content fast and secure. We have several fallback systems that ensure that your site never experiences a delay, even if our 0.01% chance of server failure happens. The servers and your site code are completely separated and independent. As to question about whether we can handle your load, the answer is "yes." We already handle millions and millions of pageviews and so we can also handle your 80 million pageview site.

Do You Allow Multiple Domains?

Yes. We offer cross-domain functions for goal tracking, test and target, and we offer all this out of the box. We will support any number of websites, domains, intranets, extranets, and e-commerce sites.

How Do You Compare To Other A/B Testing Software?

We've made different comparison pages where you can compare not only Convert Experiences eight different plans, but the features of some of the A/B testing software solutions. As well as to compare Convert Experiences with Optimizely and Optimizely legacy plans, with Visual Website Optimizer, and both Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 plans.

Do You Have An Enterprise Plan?

Yes, please click here for more info, send an email to or call sales at +1-888-666-9711 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST) we support enterprise needs up to 1.2 billion million unique visitors tested, with personal service, excellent SLAs and awesome support.

Can I Cancel My Subscription Easily?

Yes. We offer a monthly billing period and you can cancel at any time during that month to stop the billing process without any stipulations. Your data will remain available in your account for three months, just in case you decide to reactivate our services. When you select a yearly plan you can cancel at any moment and your plan will not be renewed when the yearly contract is over.

Will You Cancel My Account If We Get Too Many Tested Visitors?

We understand that on any day that you get tons of traffic you do not want us to cut the line. You have no need to worry, as we will keep your account open and signal you that your tested users reach 90% and 100% and we will offer you extra thousand of users for a small additional fee. If you have a yearly plan the monthly users x12 is your yearly available tested visitors, we will notify you at 90% and 100% when those are up and we will offer you extra thousand of users for a small additional fee. We are pleased when your business grows and therefore we will not penalize you for being successful. Instead, we like to grow with you.

Can I Download Your Software Onto Our Server?

Our service is a software service model. With that, you can access your data all the time, so you do not need install or download anything onto your servers. Adding just one snippet of code on your site will then do all of the "magic".

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