Defining Audiences for your Experience

What is an Audience?

An "Audience" is a group of visitors that you want to be included in your experience, being an experiment or personalization.

Audience Dialog Sections

You can create an audience for your experiment by going to your Experience Summary and locating the Audience section.  From within the Audience section, you can add a previously saved audience or create a new audience. 

Clicking on the Add Audience dropdown will give you the following options: 1) Presets, 2) Saved Audiences, or 3) New Audience

Important: Note that the audiences listed in the Audience Dialog section are joined in an OR fashion and not AND.


Presets Section

The Presets section allows you to choose from pre-built audiences. This will help you speed up the configuration of your experiment audiences.

Saved Audiences Section

The Saved Audiences section is where you will find audiences you created previously but are not in use for the current experiment. 

New Audience Section

This section is where you can create your own audiences if none of the Presets fit your requirements. More documentation is available here.


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