Creating a revenue goal that can show cumulative revenue (not just first time)

The below applies to revenue amount only and the number of goal conversions won't be counted multiple times, but revenue from additional purchases will be added to revenue shown on your report.  All other goals are conversions which are unique (only counted the first time per experiment).

Create a Revenue Goal

Create a revenue goal through Goal templates menu:

Select Manual Revenue Tracking:

Note the Goal id:

Add Force Multiple

Put this code on your Global Experience JS found on the gear icon of the Visual Editor:

$( "#tps_nav_lower_105 > div._buttons > a._button._next > span._2" ).click(function() {
if(window.location.href==" {
window._conv_q = window._conv_q || [];
Replace the XXXXXXXXXXX with your goal id and save it.

Make sure the URL where you want to track the goal is also included the Site Area of your experience.

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