Setup Convert Experiences with Cloudflare Zaraz


Cloudflare is one of the largest networks operating on the internet. It is a global network specially designed to easily connect everything on the internet more securely, quickly and reliably. The main purpose behind using Cloudflare is to increase the security and performance of your websites and services. Here, we have prepared a detailed guide to setup Convert Experiences with Cloudflare Zaraz.

Benefits of Using Cloudflare

The main benefits of using Cloudflare are as follows:

  • Facilitates to easily protect, secure, and accelerate your apps, websites in just minutes by pointing your DNS to Cloudflare. Having secure and fast web applications leads to having a better user experience.
  • Allows to secure internal operations on a single global network. It is possible to protect the office networks and data centers by easily connecting them to Cloudflare’s network.
  • Helps to create new applications or improve existing ones on a serverless platform without affecting the infrastructure.

Cloudflare Zaraz

Cloudflare Zaraz allows you to completely control over third-party tools and services for your website. It also helps in improving the speed and security of your website.  This network allows loading tools like analytics tools, marketing automation tools, chatbots, and much more.

This biggest global network, Cloudflare Zaraz, is available in Beta with a website integrated with Cloudflare. It is easily accessible to all the customers on each and every plan. Hence, the main benefit of using Cloudflare Zaraz is to integrate as many tools as you need with almost zero performance ensuring high speed and advanced security.

Cloudflare acquired Zaraz with an aim to make the web more secure, reliable, and faster enough.  This content delivery network has pledged to speed up the website performance using a single line of code.

Almost all the websites rely on third-party integrations like Ads tracking pixels, Google Analytics, Facebook, HubSpot for gathering crucial information about the visitors. These third-party tools affect the performance of your website and would show a huge impact, the longer script the company adds to its codebase. Here, Zaraz comes into the picture!

It is possible to run as many tools as you need using Zaraz with making any compromise in security or affecting the site speed. Thus, Zaraz helps to prevent site security from entering malicious code and prevents from running third-party tools on the browser.

Setup Convert With Cloudflare Zaraz

To setup Convert with Cloudflare Zaraz, you simply need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into Cloudflare.

Step 2: In the left-hand-side panel, find and click on Zaraz and click on Add New Tool under the Third-Party Tools.


Step 3: Now, under the All Tools, select Custom HTML to configure it with Cloudflare Zaraz.


Step 4: On the Set Up, click on Continue and Save to configure your Convert script.


Step 5: To create a new trigger, click on the “Third-party list” and under the Triggers section, click on the Create trigger button.


Step 6: Enter the trigger name as per your convenience and set the match rules. You can choose the match rules as per your requirements. For an instance, here we have the Timer rule


Step 7: You can also choose a variable name and property as per your needs from the list provided here. After entering the match operation and match string, click on Save.

Step 8: Now, click on the edit option against the Convert script under the Third-party tools to create a new event.


Step 9: Now, enter your event name, select the firing trigger that we have created previously.


Step 10: On the HTML Code section you need to insert your Convert tracking script that can be found here.


Step 11: Now, you can find the Convert script fully functional. You need to setup your own experiences and start tracking visitors.


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