What's New at Convert - September 2020 Edition

Latest Additions

  • User agent testing with Chrome extension and Visual Editor : You can now use the Convert Experiences Editor to test the content of your page as it would display on different browsers and devices with the help of the User agent dropdown. Read more

  • Filters in Goals : You can now filter Goals included in a project by visiting the Goal tab and clicking on the funnel/filter icon

  • Experiment reporting with post-segments : In experiment reports, we have now added segment filter where you can filter report data on basis of device, browser, country, continent, campaign UTM and source. 

  • Change email address : You can now update your email address from Settings. Read more

  • Objective added to Personalization : Like AB tests, you can now add Objective to Personalization that you create

  • ES6 code check added code editor/custom JS : The code editor and custom JS editors have been enhanced to check integrity of ES6 code as well.

  • Filters and sorting stored at user level : Any filter and sorting setting applied in the app would not be remembered and stored so users can modify their data view as per their preference 

  • New Change Log options : The Change log data has been made enhanced to capture additional information like Two way authentication , Billing Information, Payment Method, Current Plan, Subscription Settings Read More

Improvements and Fixes

  • Transfer Query Parameters in Split url experiments : Previously Transfer Query Parameters in Split url experiments was not transferring the existing query parameters on the visitor URL. This has now been improved to transfer the existing parameters to the variation url as well.

  • Default run-time of experiment changed to 9999 : The run-time of every experience you now make is set to 9999 days. The test doesn't complete unless you change the minimum days to something that is lower then 9999 days.
  • Code inspector setting is made consistent : Like other setting, the Code inspector setting is now consistent for the next login

  • "Stop loosing variation" is now off by default : For all new experiments created henceforth, the default checkbox for Stop loosing variation would be off.

  • Fixes with Region restriction in audience : Recently identified issues with Region audience restrictions has been fixed

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