What's New at Convert

We are releasing new features in June 2020.  For some of those features, we are offering an Early Release for you to take a look at, use the features, and let us know what you think.

Live Logs - Early Release (bonus)

Our Live Log overview streams realtime site events to your Convert account, helping to facilitate quick QA and troubleshooting of your experiences while saving you time in their development and release.


Post segmentation - Early Release (bonus)

Identify segments like new/returning users, browsers used, devices used, campaigns clicked, and resident countries and filter these on your report in a couple of clicks. You can also use previously-created custom segments here! 

Unique Users

Introducing a different method of counting users in all of Convert's New Plans
In our new plans (check them out at https://www.convert.com/pricing/ or if you are an account owner, from within your account under Account on the Plans tab, we now count unique users (users that visited any of your experiences), thus replacing unique visitors that are used in the older (pre-June 2020) plans.  If you have a plan with unique visitors, on your Dashboard you can now see how many visitors you have used, and how many users you have used, helping you compare and decide whether a user-based plan would be better for you.
Note: To reduce confusion, Used Users count will not be available on your dashboard until your next billing cycle and the visitor and user count begins at 0 (if starting mid-cycle the numbers for Users would not make sense).

CNAME Feature

Available in some of our newer plans
Convert has implemented a solution that will make it much easier to overcome new limitations imposed by many browsers.  Using the new CNAME feature, Convert cookies can be written as first-party, instead of third-party cookies.  Read more: https://support.convert.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043492592

Single Sign On (SSO)

Available in some of our newer plans
Now you can enable Single Sign On for your Convert account.


Note: The above features are available only on selected plans. Please see our pricing page for more details.
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