Target an experiment or personalization to product pages of certain price


When testing in e-commerce sites, the opportunity might arise to test certain changes only on products of a certain price, over a certain price, or under a certain price.


You can target pages with your experiment or personalization by adding a Page Tag Condition or a JS Condition to the Site Area of your experiment/personalization.

This will trigger the experience only on pages that match the price condition that you set.

First, you need to make sure that Page Tags have been implemented with the _conv_product_price variable.

  1. Targeting products that match an exact price:

    In this example, we are going to target product pages over 25.  Go into the Site Area and create and create a condition like the following:


  2. Targeting products over or under a certain price:

    Create a JS Condition like the following, adjusting the comparison operator to what you need, < (less than) or > (greater than):

    location.href.includes('products') && _conv_product_price < 25


    In this condition, it is also including the pages with the text "products" in the URL, as separate conditions are OR'ed in the Site Area.

  3. Targeting products based on a another price, besides the standard price, such a discounted price.

    Sometimes we need to target prices based on a discounted price. In this case, you need to either map the _conv_product_price variable to the discounted price, or you can also target the price based on the element displayed in the product page.

    Here is an example:

    location.href.includes('/products/') && document.querySelector('.price--highlight').textContent.replace(/\$/g,'') < 25


    In this example, we are targeting the element with the CSS selector '.price--highlight'.

    You can learn how to create a selector.
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