Compounded Goals


Tracking a conversion sometimes it does not depend solely of one event happening. Sometimes, we might want to track conversions only if two events happened. 

For example, I might want to track people that reached a page, or stage of the funnel, but only when they have passed through a specific page, as there might be several routes to that particular page.

Convert template goals only track a specific event, such a page visit, form submission, element click, purchase, etc. So it is not possible to track this type of events solely with this goals.


To solve this, you can utilize a Advanced Convert Goal and its editor. 

So, lets carry on with the scenario we wrote on the "Issue" section. Let say that we want to track people that get to the final funnel page with the url,, but we only want to track people, which have visited the step 2 in the funnel withe the url

A requirement for tracking a compounded goal using this method is that the first conversion has to happened previously to the page view in which the second conversion occurs. 

  1. So, first lets go and create our Step 2 page visit goal, using the Page Visit Goal template:
  2. Now we will create the second goal to monitor when the second page is reached and also check if the first conversion happened. 

    To do this, let's create a second goal and we will name it, "Final Step through Step 2". We have to create an advanced goal:

    We will first add a condition to test if the first "Step 2" goal has been triggered. Search for the "Triggered Goal" condition under "Visitor Data", and then drag it from the right column to the main pane:

  3. Then create the second condition to track test if the visitor has reached the final stage page. For this, we need to drag the condition "Content > Page URL" to the main condition pane beside the "AND".

    And we should add the final page URL. The goal should look like the following at the end of the configuration. Save it, once it is configure the same way:

  4. Now test your goal. To do this test on a fresh incognito session, and look at the experiment report to see if the goal has been registered.

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