React / Redux and Convert Experiences

Using React and Convert

React is a Single Page Framework (SPA) that works differently than a traditional website. React does not reload the page, each time the screen changes. Convert works in traditional websites by activating its code, experiment Implementation of Solution

Additionally, from inserting the Convert tracking code in your website pages you will need to insert some code in the componentDidMount() and componentDidUpdate() events on your App class in your React files.

This code will trigger the Convert polling, which is the function that runs all experiment conditions and monitors all page loading goals.

Here is an example of how this function needs to be called within your React app, in this case in the App.js file:

See the Pen React convertHook() call by (@gcrewe) on CodePen.


Launching single experiments programmatically

The following method detailed here allows you to selectively serve different modules regarding the transaction. 

You can also use other different methods available to you to launch experiments with your React app in the following Single Page Apps article.

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