What's New: Features (beta) and Plans October/November 2018

Multi-page Funnel Experiment*

Test changes across multiple pages, like a funnel or a site-wide experience.

Triggered Goals Audience*

Target an audience based on visitors who have converted on other goals.

​Weather Audience*

Leverage the effect weather has on consumer purchasing behaviour.

​Scroll Percentage Goal*

More insights - trigger this goal based on how much (or little) your visitors have scrolled down your page(s).

​New API*

Use our new API to set up experiences, modify settings, generate reports and overviews or create new goals.


Change History (audit log)*

Find out what was changed in your Project Settings and Experiments, who changed it, and when it was changed.

​Two factor authentication*


You can find out more about these new features by logging into your account and contacting Support, by contacting Sales, or by upgrading your account on your Plans & Billing page.

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