What's New: Features (beta) and Plans October/November 2018

Multi-page Funnel Experiment*

Test changes across multiple pages, like a funnel or a site-wide experience.

Triggered Goals Audience*

Target an audience based on visitors who have converted on other goals.

​Weather Audience*

Leverage the effect weather has on consumer purchasing behaviour.

​Scroll Percentage Goal*

More insights - trigger this goal based on how much (or little) your visitors have scrolled down your page(s).

​New API*

Use our new API to set up experiences, modify settings, generate reports and overviews or create new goals.


Change History (audit log)*

Find out what was changed in your Project Settings and Experiments, who changed it, and when it was changed.

​Two factor authentication


You can find out more about these new features by logging into your account and contacting Support, by contacting Sales, or by upgrading your account on your Plans & Billing page.

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