How to Integrate with Decibel Insights

Convert Experiments - Decibel Insights Integration

Integrating Decibel Insights with Convert Experiences allows you to analyze behavior derived from the variations in your A/B test experiments. 

You will have to install an additional script to your website, along with the Convert Experiments and Decibel Insights tracking codes.

In order for this to work for all current and future campaigns, this will only need to be done once on the pages that you want to track.

Steps to Integrate:

1. Ensure you have installed the Convert Experiences tracking code and it is working properly

2. Install the Decibel Insights tracking code on your site

Make sure the Decibal Insights tracking code comes before the Convert Experiences Tracking code on your page(s).

3. Enable "Generic AB Testing" in Decibel Insights

4. Install the integration code

Add the following code to the Global Project JavaScript section found on your Convert Project Settings page:

5. Turn Off Data Anonymization

In order for the script to access human readable experiment data, you’ll need to turn off Data Anonymization in your Project Settings.

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Make sure Data Anonymization is un-checked.

6. After the Installation

Upon collecting Generic A/B Testing Variations, you can begin to use these by creating Segments based on them:


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