What's New at Convert as of August 10, 2018


  • Custom code syntax checking and error highlighting was added to Visual Editor
  • Handy "Force Variation" URL links were added to the menu in Visual Editor and also for Variations on the report page.
    Note: This will make QA testing easier! You can force a specific variation to be shown on an Activated experiment (remember - this still needs to be done in a fresh Incognito window and you still need to match the Site Area and Audience conditions)
  • Added new JavaScript API function which allows goals to be re-checked after page is loaded (useful with SPAs, for example)
  • Security improvements to prevent clickjacking
  • Automation for "Keep winning variation running" is off by default on newly-created experiences
  • Better navigation icons have been added to the far-right column on the Experiences Overview -- with one click you can now move to the Experiment Summary, the Visual Editor or the Report page.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed bug which caused specific .uk domains to be incorrectly saved in an account
  • fixed snapshot overlay which was being squished/cut-off on some experiment reports 
  • fixed issue where only part of a long variation name was visible on the report page

Other Good Stuff

Convert's new QA Guide -- a must read

  • This guide has information that will be helpful to both new and experienced users of our platform.  Following the guide will go a long ways in helping you understand how to launch live experiments successfully.

 Handy Regex formulas for Split Tests -

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