What's New at Convert as of June 1, 2018


  • Moved our login server from the US to a data center in Germany that is powered by carbon-neutral energy
  • Added better support for wildcard subdomains in Active Websites
  • Improved field validation in Collaborator and Experiment Edit Forms
  • Added more GDPR informational warnings, this time for Personalizations, as well as geolocation or other personal data in audiences
  • Improved the visibility of action icons in the Experiment Report and Experiment Goals popup. Those icons are always visible now
  • Added X-Privacy-Policy to our scripts

Bug Fixes

  • Occasional blank screens reported for Experiment Summary, Experiment Report and Experiment Goals popup were fixed.  If you do see this happen, it may be due to a slow connection.  Please let us know.
  • A bug relating to blocked IPs was fixed; an IP address couldn't be deleted when it was the only one in the list
  • Fixed permissions for Account Collaborators section
  • A geolocation bug introduced as a result of GDPR changes was caught and fixed immediately. It only had an effect if an Audience targeted region or city
  • A bug regarding Experiment Automations was fixed


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