Integrate Convert Experiences with Webtrends Infinity Analytics

Convert-Webtrends Infinity Analytics Integration

Integration of Webtrends Infinity Analytics with Convert Experiences will help you to import Convert data into your Webtrends account. 

For each experiment, the integration can pass along the experiment name and variation name that the visitor is currently bucketed into (if any).


Add Tracking Code Snippets

Make sure the Convert tracking code and the Webtrends Infinity (hosted or original) tag are installed on your site.

Send Convert data through Multitrack

  var refObject = window['convert']['data']['experiments']
    for (var key in window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"]) {
        if (!window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"].hasOwnProperty(key)) {
	var currentExperiment = window["convert"]["currentData"]["experiments"][key];
	var curExperimentName = refObject[key] && refObject[key].n ? refObject[key].n : "unknown experiment name";
	curExperimentName = curExperimentName.replace("Test #", "Test ");
	var curVariant = currentExperiment['variation_name'] ? currentExperiment['variation_name'] : "unknown variant";
	curVariant = curVariant.replace("Var #", "Variation ");  
	args: {
        "WT.ti": curExperimentName,
        "WT.mc_id": curVariant

View Convert Data in Webtrends

In order to see the Convert data sent, you must login into your Webtrends account and go to your Reports. 

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