Taking a look at the "Goals Overview" screen.

Goals Overview 

This screen can be reached by clicking on the "Goals" menu item of your Project in the left hand side of your screen:

In the "Goals Overview" screen you can create goals and you can find a list of the goals that you have created in your Project. These goals can be shared with the different experiments included in the Project. 

To Create a Goal just click in the "+" icon:

The "Goals Overview" screen consists of four columns:

  1. Name of the Goal.
  2. Type.
  3. Usage: Shows the amount of experiments the goal is included on. 
  4. Status: Can be of value "Not tracking" or "Tracking". When set to "Tracking", it means that the goal has registered conversion in the last 48 hours. This is the right place to look if your goal is setup correctly and is triggering conversions. 
  5. Actions. Here you can perform actions on the goal itself. You can Edit or Delete your Goal. Delete with care, as Goals can not be recovered after.
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