"Goals" section of the "Experiment Summary"


On the "Goals" section of the "Experiment Summary" you can configure the different goals that you want to track. Goals are conversions that you want to track in your experiment.

Goal Templates

There are available 7 goal templates that you can configure to track, plus you can create additional advanced goals.

The goal templates that can be used are:

  1. Visit a Specific Page: This goal is triggered when a visitor visits a certain page.

  2. Revenue Goal: This goal is triggered when a goal when revenue is generated by the visitor. Please see Add Revenue Tracking to your Site, or 

  3. Click on link: Triggers a goal when a user clicks on certain links, and can be monitored site wide.

  4. Submit a Form: This template enables you to track when a user submits a form within a page or whole website.

  5. Clicks something on a page: Triggered when a user clicks a certain element on the page.

  6. Javascript Triggered Goal: This allows you trigger a goal with a Javascript code. With this you could track more complex visitor's actions and even integrate third party systems such as call tracking applications.
  7. Scroll Percentage goal: The scroll percentage goal allows you to set up a goal based on how far your visitors scroll down the page ("scroll depth"). You can configure this goal to be triggered based on 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent or more of the page read. 

Advanced Goals

You can also create more Advanced Goals, which can trigger goals based on the origin of the visitor, utm parameters, visitor behaviour, geolocation, or based on the technology of the user. 

On Advanced Goals you can also join goals based on OR or AND operations, providing you a sophisticated goal tracking platform.

Goals imported from Google Analytics

You can also import your goals from Google Analytics account:


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