How Do You Fill Medium, Keyword and Source Name?

Understand Medium, Keyword, and Source Name

Medium, Keyword and Source name get identified and then stored on the visitor's profile, being a characteristic through the whole session of a visitor.

We only look for any of the three in the first hit of every browsing session meaning that, if a visitor comes from a search engine referral for example and then, during the same session it changes the referral, we won't change it until next session, if that is provided at that time.

Below you can find what each of the three will hold.


This will hold whatever is provided in the query variable utm_medium in the first hit of every visiting session. If the utm_medium variable was not provided, Convert would try to fill the Medium  based on the http referrer as follows: 

  1. no http referral available than Medium would be empty;
  2. referral detected as being a search engineMedium will get the value organic; currently we can identify as search engines the following: google, yahoo, ask, bing, alexa, about, aol and yandex
  3. http referral is being available and it does not fall under any of the search engines listed in b), than Medium will get the value referral


This is gonna be filled with whatever was provided in the query variable utm_term in the first hit of every browsing session. If the utm_term  variable was not provided, we would try to detect keywords used in the search engine, if the referral is one of a search engine as described in 1) - b). If no keywords can be detected or the referral is not one of a search engine, Keyword will be empty.

Source Name  

This would be filled with whatever was provided in the query variable utm_source in the first hit of every browsing session.

If the utm_source  variable was not provided, the Source Name would be the domain name found in the referral URL. Example, for the following referral - - the Source Name would be no referral is available, Source Name would be empty.

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