Fire Conversion from a Third Party Page.

Understand Third Party Conversions

Sometimes you might want to fire a conversion from a page that you do not totally control. Maybe you have access to just some piece of content on that page but you cannot add the main Convert Experiments. In that case, we offer a way to fire a goal with a small javascript snippet as presented below (this will only track conversions for visitors that use browsers that allow third party cookies):

<-- ConvertExperiments conversion tracking -->
<script type="text/javascript">
(function() {var _conv_q = _conv_q || []; /* fill the variables on the following three lines with their corresponding values found in convert experiments app*/
   var _conv_gid = "Your goal ID"; 
   var _conv_acc = "your account ID";
   var _conv_prj = "Your project ID";

   /*don't change anything below this line*/
   var _conv_date=new Date();var _conv_track_image=new Image(1,1);_conv_track_image.onload=function() {};_conv_track_image.src='//'+_conv_prj+'.track'+'.convertexperiments'+'.com/track/?jstrack=1&c='+_conv_acc+'&p='+_conv_prj+'&g='+_conv_gid+'&ga=1&_rnd='+_conv_date.getTime();

The values that you need to fill are the following: 

- goal_id - this is the ID of the goal you would like to fire. You can find this on the goals overview:

- account ID and project ID - this are both found on the project's settings page, presented as the "ID NUMBER"; the two are separated by an underscore char, first being the account number and second the project number;


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