What about Personalizations?

What is a Personalization?

A Personalization in the app is a series of changes on the page or pages geared towards a specific audience. 

Personalizations vs Experiments

Experiments have an Original and one or more Variations or versions of the page. A Personalization does not have an original and variations. It only has one version of a page and has a defined audience.  There is no Reporting for Personalizations.

Use Case Example

My client sells products across the US-Canadian border on his web site. However, he wants to use different promotions for these different markets. He wants to push these promotions through banner ads on the main page of his e-commerce site.

I can use Convert Experiences to quickly and easily create promotions geared towards different segments, in this case USA or Canadian visitors, using Convert's Visual Editor.

Create a Personalization

  1. Click on the "Experiences" menu on the left menu.
  2. Click on the "New Experience" on the upper right and select Personalization.

  3. Fill in the name field and the URL of the page where you are going to create the Personalization.
  4. Create the personalization changes with the Visual Editor and save them.
  5. After you finish and save your changes, click on "Save & Continue" to exit the Visual Editor.
  6. Edit your "Audience", by clicking on the pencil icon of the Audience section
  7. Select a desired Audience from Presets or create a Custom Audience and save it. 
  8. After Activating the Personalization, it should appear as Active in the Experience list in the Experiences. You can get there by clicking Experiences on the menu on the left.
    That's all there is to it.  Your Personalization is created. 

Create a new Personalization from a Variation or Winning Variation from another Experiment

You can create a Personalization from a Variation in one of your other Experiments; for instance, if you have a Winning Variation in an A/B test and want to stop that test but still keep the Winning Variation running.  You can do this under Full Report on the Report Page on the original Experiment, using the 1:1 icon that appears when you hover over the Title section:



GDPR Warning Message

Personalization Experiences have the potential to contain small segments (under 100 unique visitors) and this could be interpreted by Privacy Authorities in Europe as identification of data subjects. For that reason, we added a GDPR warning message to the summary of any Personalization Experience.

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