How to Add Dimensions to the reporting of your experiment


You can add different Dimensions to your reporting previous to launching your experiment. So, you can figure what percentage of users fits this dimension that you have setup.

This has to be done previous to when the test is Activated as we do not offer post-test segmentation.


We will use an example to show the steps that are required. Let's say that we want to know how many of the visitors of a test use a mobile phone.

For that, we would need to add a Goal that is triggered when a visitor is using a mobile phone.

So, I would go edit the Goals of my experience. Then, I would edit the experiment goals and add the "Device is Mobile" goal:

Select Yes on the Advanced Goal Panel:

After doing this Just save the setting, and Activate your experience.

When the experiment finishes, you will see the percentage of users in the experiment that use mobile devices to view your experiment.

There is a variety of visitor data that you can select to be included in your experiment. 

However, you should consider that every time you add a goal it impacts on the performance of the download and execution of your experiment.

Dimensions Available

 You can add the following dimensions to your experiment

  • Content
    • Page URL, Page URL w/Query: If you have different URLs in your experiment, you can measure what percentage of traffic is reaching each URL
    • Query String: See what percentage of your visits hold a certain query parameter value. 
  • UTM Tags
    • utm_campaign: For example: utm_campaign. With this you could figure what percentage come from certain campaign.
    • utm_keyword
    • utm_source
    • utm_medium
  • Visitor Data
    • Average Time on Page
    • City
    • Country
    • Days since last Visit
    • Language
    • Page Visited
    • Region
    • Triggered goal
    • Visit Duration
    • Visitor Cookie
    • Visitor Type
    • Visits Count
    • Bucketed in Experience
  • Visit Time. You could monitor the periods of where your users visit.
  • System
    • Browser
    • Browser Version
    • Operating System
    • User Agent
    • Device is Desktop
    • Device is Mobile
    • Device is Tablet
  • Page Tags
    • JS Condition
    • Page Type
    • Category ID
    • Category Name
    • Product SKU
    • Product Name
    • Product Price
    • Customer ID
    • Custom Tags
  • Weather 
    • Weather Condition

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